1, Ziyu of the

Badminton as a recreational activities, the participants hit the ball on the process, through the non-stop running and physical changes, hard to hit the ball to each other venues. Whenever hit a batter in winning a strike or a ball can make their own excitement, and to achieve a successful joy. At the same time another flight of the ball speed and severity, high and low, near and far, the relentless substance, such as changes to the float, so that the movement itself is full of a wealth of fun.

2, ornamental

As badminton ever-changing technology, so that the game can be a high watch. Tigers down as the Internet technology, like the water dragon Tiaoqi bats are as full of arch smash, like rhinoceros Mochizuki抢to fight the blaze the ball, attack from a strategic height, like, Shirupozhu, when the defense, followed by drizzle, Guruojintang. All these display the game in the Li Yumei, so that viewers like Yin read a moving poem, such as a pleasing view of the painting is delightful, and from wandering.

Second, the exercise of

1, enhanced physique

Badminton sport can enhance the overall physique. Before the courts, fast-moving field after batting in the strong field after the smash the ball and passive to fight the blaze at the ball, hitting doubles transposition of all practitioners need a better quality of the force, the quality of speed, endurance quality, sensitive Quality, flexibility and quality of the rapid response capability. Smash need to force both sides to pull round in the process, in order to achieve the initiative need to have a comparatively high speed, endurance and speed endurance in the fighting when the ball (mostly passive) also need to have good agility and flexibility; doubles Of the need for fast response and judgement. Therefore, the regular sports activities can be engaged in the development of the body's flexibility, coordination, can improve people on the lower limbs and trunk capacity of the activities to improve the respiratory and cardiovascular system function, improving aerobic and anaerobic energy supply for energy The ability to regulate the nervous system and increase the capacity of its anti-acid, but also a health promotion, disease-resistant Fangcui, regulate the role of the spirit.

2, will train

Badminton competition of their sport, confrontational, the strength of many factors, such as the requirement so that the quality of the sport will play a very important position. Badminton competitions often come across such cases, the athletes a "pole": Surge not of gas, and physical weakness, black eyes, feel that they no longer insist on not go on. This phenomenon is not a party to, in equal circumstances are often two sides will appear one after another, or even almost at the same time (for example, a round ball a lot), then click on to see who could persist, victory often insist on re - The way. * What then to insist that we must * indomitable will and a firm belief in quality. Even if not competition, this activity also needs strong will, otherwise you will not be very good to the completion of the exercises, the exercises should be the joy, fun and exercise value disappear.

3, cultivate psychological

Badminton activities include the intention of each other's tactics figured out later, the various fighters of the grasp of what their use of tactical options, such as intelligence, often in the campaign can make quick thinking. At the same time, because of the tense competition, the fierce competition, to make practitioners of the psychological quality of the training very well, in the competition, and strengthen entrepreneurial spirit, the people's wisdom, courage and skills in the competition and confrontation by sublimation. After this temper, can be critical chaos, the Department of Tairan, an increase of both wisdom and cultivate a mentality, not only in the badminton event in the meet easily, but also to good shape, the right to face the cause of life, family , Honour, etc
Of all the sports ,i like badminton best. I like to watch the TV show about the badminton and I also like to play it. I enjoy the excitement the game brings to my life. Above all, playing badminton can make you physically fit and mentally strong. The win and loss of the game make you laugh and cry.Two players present the most exciting show that no other performances can match. 本回答被网友采纳
估计是小学生的暑假作业。。。 想俺当年为小学生做作业是要收钱的


My favorite movie star is Jackie Chan.He is an action movie star from china. He can do Chinese Kung Fu.He has beautiful short straight black hair.He is medium height and medium build.I thing he is cool. And he is very popular .I also like his action movie best.

My name is ***.I like badminton best.And my favorite badminton player is Lin Dan.
He birth in Longyan Fujian.His birthday is 1983 October ***.As he ten years old,he start to play badminton.He first win the open's champion is at 2001,Netherland Badminton Open.
He first join olympic games is at 2004,Athens Olympic Game.But he out quickly.But he doesn't ***.Now he is a good badminton player.His world ranking is the first one.We hope he can win the Men's Single Olympic Champion of Beijing Olympic Game.
我的名字是* * *。我最喜欢羽毛球。和我最喜欢的羽毛球运动员是林丹。


羽毛球的发展 The development of badminton
In 1877, the first badminton competition rules published in the United Kingdom.
In 1893, the British set up the world's first badminton association. In 1899, the association held the first "All-England Badminton Championships", an annual event that has followed.
Badminton movement from Scandinavia to the countries of the Commonwealth, in the early 20th century spread to Asia, the Americas, Oceania, Africa reached the final.
In 1934, established the International Badminton Federation, based in London.
1939 International Badminton Federation adopted the Member States to abide by the "rules of badminton competition."
1920s to 40 countries in Europe and the United States during the development of badminton movement quickly, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United States, Canada, a very high level. 50's badminton developed very rapidly in Asia, Malaysia made two Thomas Cup championship. At the same time, Indonesia team in the technology and innovation on the play quickly made hegemony. In the 1960s after the development of badminton sport in Asia gradually be extended.
May 1981 International Badminton Federation to regain the IBF in China's legitimate seat, from the international badminton open a new page in history, entered the Chinese badminton players rule the roost in the world the glory of the times.
In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, badminton is classified as performing, in 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games as an official event, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games as the mixed doubles event. Since then, badminton campaign entered a new period of development.
In 2006, on a trial basis in the three months of badminton after the new rules into effect. In that year, Tom, first of all use of race Youbei. 本回答被网友采纳


My favorite sport is playing badminton.


I enjoy reading,listening music and handwriting, Badminton is my favorit sport, usually , I invite my friends to play badminton, I like the feeling of it, very cool.
I often read a book, listen to music, and calligraphy, I most loved sport is badminton, I often and my friends to play badminton.








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